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Otah & Friends

Otah & Friends: Go Gai Gai - Hidden Joo Chiat

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  • 3-hour outdoor discovery game
  • Flexible date and time for life's unexpected situations
  • Guided by Otah, become a game master for your kids
  • Solve clues and find hidden gems around the neighbourhood
Introducing Otah & Friends: Go Gai Gai - Hidden Joo Chiat, a new outdoor discovery game series in partnership with Hidden Singapore. Solve clues, learn bits of history, and discover hidden gems as you explore a specific neighbourhood! It's like mash up between a walking tour and an outdoor escape room! Earn major parenting points as you become the ultimate game master for your kids, dishing out Otah's riddles and rewards! We've put in some fun history bites for you as well!

What to Expect:
After you buy a ticket, you can start the game any day between 10:00 and 17:00, so no need to worry about weather, illness, or unexpected situations. The game takes place entirely over Whatsapp and Otah (aided by Hidden Singapore's Void Deck Cat chatbot) will guide you step by step.

What is the age suitability of this game?
The recommended age is 6 and up due to physical intensity. This edition in Joo Chiat will last approximately 3 hours, covering a distance of 2.4km. There will be 3 scheduled breaks for you to pause the timer, eat and rest.

How many adults and kids can join the game?
As we'll be walking outside on the streets, maintaining a safe adult to kid ratio is key. Please buy your tickets in the exact adult-kid combinations. Minimum 1 adult, 1 kid. Maximum 2 adults, 3 kids.

What kind of things will I do in the game?
Guided by Otah and Hidden's chatbot Void Deck Cat via WhatsApp, you will solve clues, discover hidden gems, check out local businesses, and learn interesting facts and stories in the local neighbourhood, in a race against the clock!

What happens if I get stuck or lost during the game?
Get help by sending Otah the following messages:
'stuck': Get an additional hint
'lost': Get directions to the right location
'skip': Skip the clue and move on to the next one
You will be able to contact a human for emergency situations

How do I start my game?
Upon ticket purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and text message from from Void Deck Cat on behalf of Otah containing detailed instructions. You should start the game after setting up your team and when your full team is at the starting point. Send Otah the message ""Start game"" to start the game.

How do I set up my team?
You can add team members to your team when you have arrived at the game start point. Each adult team member will receive WhatsApp messages so that everyone in the team is updated at the same time with clues / hints.

Is my game timed?
Yes, it is! You will be able to see the time taken for your game on the leaderboard at the end of the game. Your timing is paused during scheduled breaks, so take your time when makan-ing!

What are the guidelines for fair play?
You can use any form of map, any form of research and ask people in your game play area for help. But no discussing with or deliberate obstructing of other teams.

How quickly will replies to my messages arrive?
You will receive most replies within a few seconds. If you are in an area with poor mobile phone reception, you can resend your answer.

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